Specific GOAL of the
Canada-US Chapter

Within 5 years of the Chapter launch, we will facilitate inter-professional collaboration for caries prevention and management, for example by increasing the number of medical offices that routinely recommend brushing a child’s teeth with fluoridated toothpaste, a healthy diet and the use of fluoride varnish.

The Canada-US ACFF Chapter, as well as the other 24 ACFF Chapters, support the goals of the Global Alliance.


  • Pre-natal to 6th birthday

Objective 1

Communication campaign to medical providers of expectant mothers and young children to promote simple, achievable goals

Objective 2

Building awareness around the importance of oral health in the pre and post-natal years with a view to identify future interventions/initiatives which would build awareness.

Objective 3

Provide easy access to relevant resources regarding caries curricula

Objective 4

Adapt patient education material, self-managing goals (to be provided through Electronic Health Record in non-dental settings)